Cryptologic Blackjack

The fact that different casino platforms offer different Blackjack rules may sometimes be overwhelming for some online Blackjack players. It is important to understand each rule used in certain table properly whenever you are playing Blackjack online, because the rules used can influence house advantage – and your profitability – greatly. In this article, we are going to discuss about Blackjack rules used at Cryptologic casinos.

Just like many other online casinos, Cryptologic Blackjack tables use 8 decks shuffled at the end of each round. With that much of a deck, it is only natural that the house advantage is relatively high. However, other rules must also be reviewed before we can determine if the table is profitable enough.

Dealer must stand in soft 17 at Cryptologic Blackjack tables, which is a good thing for players. You wouldn’t have to worry about dealer’s soft 17 and can focus more on playing the hand you are holding accordingly. You can only double down on any two cards, although you cannot double after splitting. You will only be allowed to split once, so make your decision properly and calculate every aspects before splitting.

If you pay close attention to these rules, it is obvious that Cryptologic Blackjack tables are using common Atlantic City rules. In this case, the house edge is 0.365%. You can still reduce the house advantage even further by understanding basic Blackjack strategy designed for Atlantic City rules, enabling you to make the right moves in different situations and be much more profitable playing Cryptologic Blackjack.