Blackjack Switch

There are several Blackjack variations available online, and one of them is Blackjack Switch. In fact, Blackjack Switch is becoming more and more popular even among avid Blackjack players because there are several rule variations that are actually beneficial for players.

When you play Blackjack Switch, you are dealt two hands to play with. Of course, you must make two bets of equal size on each hand as part of the game’s rules. Once the cards are dealt, you can review each hand and trade cards between the two hands you are holding accordingly. This way, you can figure out the best starting hand combinations possible and be that much closer to winning the round.

Other standard Blackjack rules apply in the game of Blackjack Switch. You can only switch the second cards dealt on each hand, but you can still hit, split, and double down on any two cards you want. Plus, you can also switch cards to form a Blackjack, allowing you to win a handsome payout without hassle. In the game of Blackjack Switch, Blackjack pays 2 to 1; you will get $20 for every $10 you wager on a winning hand.

Several online casinos including some well-known Playtech casinos offer the game of Blackjack Switch. Playtech rules of Blackjack Switch are a bit different, with only six decks used (compared to 8 decks used in other online casinos) and only one split is allowed. Still, the game is very exciting and can be highly profitable to play if you know what you are doing.