Doubling the Dealer’s Tip

When playing at real casinos, tipping dealers is considered a friendly gesture. Depending on the kind of casino games you are playing, you can actually double the dealer’s tip by placing a side bet using the tip; if the side bet is won, the dealer can get the original wager as well as the winnings as their tip. In the game of Blackjack, tipping is more important that you can imagine. Most dealers recognize their players personally after about a couple of minutes, thus making it important for you to show friendly gestures and make sure you get the best treatments at Blackjack tables. Here are blackjack strategies to double down.

If you want to double the dealer’s tip, you can place the tip at the corner of your betting circle. The tip will then be recognized as a side bet. As you win the round, the dealer’s tip will also be doubled. Do this every 20 hands or so and you will be on the dealer’s top-players list at all times. Check out blackjack rules and etiquette from

There are several benefits you can enjoy from using this small gesture at Blackjack tables. If you love to enjoy casino comps, having the dealer on your good side can help you enjoy better comps than you originally get. The next time you play at the table, you will quickly be recognized and will get that VIP treatment from the casino management. You can also gain reputation among pit bosses; they are the ones reporting your plays to be calculated and awarded with comps, so you will certainly be able to enjoy more comps throughout your stay with the casino.